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Siam Aisin Co,. Ltd.

Thailand is a country with the readiness in terms of basic public utilities that are suitable for manufacturing. Therefore, Aisin Seiki Company from Japan established “Siam Aisin” Company in 1996 at 304 Industrial Park, Prachin Buri Province.

In the early period of the capital structure for company establishment, Aisin Seiki held 50% shares, Siam Cement held 47 shares, and Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) held 3% shares. Therefore, this was the source of the name “Siam Aisin”.

In 2002, there was a change in shareholdings. In other words, Aisin Corporation held 97% shares and Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) held 3% shares. In 2003, the investment had increased from 680 million baht to 880 million baht.

Currently, there are 5 factories that produce automotive parts in 5 product groups, which are body parts, brake parts, electronic parts, powertrain parts and chassis parts that are certified by IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

The Chief Executive of the Company are:
1.) Mr. Yoshihiro Harada (President)
2.) Mr. Pichai Rodklam (Vice President)
3.) Ms. Phattiya Rattanajantranont (Vice President)


1996 Established Siam Aisin Co., Ltd.
1998 Started operation for brake, engine, and drivetrain parts and delivered the products to the first customer (first shipment)
1999 Grand opened ceremony of Siam Aisin Co., Ltd. and started operation for body parts
2003 Increased investment from 680 million baht to 880 million baht
2004 Started operation for IMV model and electronic parts
2007 Initiated the project of After Market in Thailand
2008 Celebrated the 10th year anniversary of Siam Aisin “Moving Together”
2010 Expanded the production base to ATAC
2011 Started operation for Gravity Casting
2012 Had the highest production capacity with employment of up to 2,229 persons
2015 Delivered New IMV model parts to the customers
2017 Planned the new factory plan (Big Re-layout)
2018 Celebrated the 20th year anniversary of Siam Aisin “Smile it forward”
2019 Expanded the concept of “3 Pillars” throughout the company (factory and office) and changed the working hours
2020 Start operation for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) parts
2021 Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary, Aisin AW Co., Ltd., merged business operations on April 1, 2021, making a new start as AISIN CORPORATION.
*New Project*

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