Siam Aisin Co., Ltd. welcomes all visitors to and/or สยามไอชิน.com. The company has created this website to publicize information about the company as well as to receive and send information of the company and user. Your usage of the website service will be under the following terms and conditions. Therefore, please kindly study the terms and the conditions thoroughly before visiting or using. Hence, during your visit and usage, it shall be considered that you agree to comply with the terms and the conditions specified. If you do not desire to be bound according to the terms and the conditions of usage, please stop your visit and usage of this website immediately

Legal Rights of Ownership and Usage Restrictions

All contents in this website or sub-site and intellectual property related with the contents belong to Siam Aisin Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Siam Aisin”) or the owner of the contents. These contents cannot be used, duplicated, modified, interpreted, distributed, or applied without receiving authorization in writing from Siam Aisin or the owner of the content. Siam Aisin reserves the right to add, delete, or change the terms or the content of the website or other sub-sites at all times without prior notice.

Waiver of Content Guarantee

The contents on the website or sub-site are made with no guarantee that these contents will be free from mistakes. Siam Aisin will use full effort in providing the correct and up-to-date information on the website, but does not guarantee the accurateness, completeness, and/or punctuality. 

Waiver of Website Guarantee for External Links

Siam Aisin is not the operator or the web master of other websites that are linked (Website Link), whether directly or indirectly. Regarding reference to other website links or products of a third party or services on the website and sub-site or from other linked websites, Siam Aisin waives the legal right to the access and use of those web links.

Restriction of Legal Liability

Siam Aisin shall not be legally responsible; whether directly, indirectly, or accidentally, for the punishment or other damages (economic loss, loss of remuneration, loss of income, and loss of information) due to the access or non-access to the website or sub-site or web link, though receiving suggestions on the possibility of the damages.

Submitted Content

The contents, information, or opinions that the user submits or announces on the website or sub-site (Submitted Content) shall be considered content that is not confidential and has no ownership. Siam Aisin has no obligation as well as commitment to blocking the submitted content as confidential.

Link from Other Websites

Siam Aisin allows to have links to this website under the following policies:

* The website that is linked shall not discredit or defame or contain inappropriate content.

* The website that is linked shall not frame the content of Siam Aisin or other methods as content that does not belong to Siam Aisin.

* The name of company and group of companies shall be used correctly.

Permission for the link shall be terminated immediately if there is violation of any conditions of use on this website or sub-site. When the termination occurs, all permissions for the link to Siam Aisin shall be deleted.

If non-compliance or violation of any conditions of use causes the company any damages, the user shall be responsible for the damages that occur. The company reserves the right to take legal action. 

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