The website of Siam Aisin Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Siam Aisin Website”) and other websites of Siam Aisin may keep the personal information of the user with the consent of the user and specified regulations. Please study the additional terms of privacy rights of the website regarding the management of personal information of the user.

In case the user does not desire to provide any information that the website has requested, the user can visit other parts of the website, except for some information regarding the service.

For the benefit of keeping the confidentiality and safety of significant information, the website uses secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol.

The website may send “Cookies” and embed them in the computer of the user to monitor revisits to the website of the user in the future. Cookies are indicators that contain specific letters. The user can deny receiving Cookies if the user does not desire to provide any personal information to the website and Siam Aisin will be unable to indicate the user (the user must set the Browser to accept or deny Cookies themselves).

Hence, Siam Aisin Website would like to suggest the customer to read and understand every time when visiting or using the service from Siam Aisin Website.

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